Pakistan’s Nuclear Factor

With a series of six nuclear explosions, on 28 and 30 May 1998, Pakistan declared itself a nuclear power, putting an end to its long-practiced policy of nuclear ambiguity. The Chagai Hills nuclear tests by Pakistan were in response to India’s nuclear tests conducted two weeks earlier at Pokharan. the perceived indian threat was the primary reason for Pakistan unveiling its nuclear card. after the nuclear explosions, nawaz Sharif, the then Pakistani Prime Minister (PM) announced, “today, we have settled the score with india”1 making it amply clear that Pakistan’s nuclear explosion was a response to India’s tests. In addition to act as a deterrent against India’s nuclear threat, Pakistan’s nuclear doctrine also aims to counter India’s conventional capability.

Pakistan’s leadership believes that nuclear capability would be an ultimate guarantor against the perceived indian threat. even in the present context, Pakistan is reportedly continuously enhancing its nuclear capabilities and ramping up india-centric nuclear arsenals.

Source: Pakistan’s Nuclear Factor,  SCHOLAR WARRIOR

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