Book: India in the Indo-Pacific: Understanding India’s Security Orientation towards Southeast and East Asia [Open Access]

In view of the fast-changing world order, emerging countries are increasingly influencing the dynamics of regional securities. This timely and in-depth book examines India’s reorienting strategic posture and describes how New Delhi’s security policy in the Indo-Pacific region has evolved and expanded over the past two decades. The author argues that India’s quest to leverage its geostrategic location to emerge as an Indo-Pacific actor faces multiple challenges, which create a clear divide between the country’s political rhetoric and action on the ground. The author critically examines these contradictions to better situate India’s security role in an increasingly fluid Indo-Pacific region.

Special Report

Asia-Pacific Power Dynamics: Strategic Implications and Options for India

[With M. Mayilvaganan, Aditi Malhotra, Viswesh R., and Sadhavi Chauhan] To read the complete report click here Executive Summary In the emerging geopolitical discourse today, the Asia-Pacific region has emerged as a major centre of geostrategic interest. Accompanying this change in perception is a change in scope, with strategists not just considering the typical Indian Ocean, but… Continue reading Asia-Pacific Power Dynamics: Strategic Implications and Options for India