Revisiting Indo-ASEAN Relations & India’s Push to ‘Act East’

The Quint

On 26 January 2018, New Delhi will roll out the red carpet for the heads of all Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) states. This will be a first for any Republic Day celebration, which is marked by a grand display of India’s cultural heritage and military potential. 2017 marked 50 years of India-ASEAN relations, 15 years of strategic partnership, and 25 years of Dialogue Partnership. Not surprisingly therefore, the occasion is being utilised as an opportunity to showcase high diplomatic symbolism.

However, when the Republic Day Parade terminates at the Red Fort and curtains are drawn on the Ramayana festival, it would be imperative to attend to the challenges that continue to arrest the momentum of India-ASEAN relations.

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Original Source: Aditi Malhotra, Revisiting Indo-ASEAN Relations & India’s Push to ‘Act East’, The Quint, republic-day-modi

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