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India’s security outlook: An explanation through concentric circles approach

At a time when the center of global power is shifting towards Asia, the world is witnessing the rise of two Asian powers, India and China, simultaneously. While China has attracted immense scholarly attention, India has received relatively limited consideration. The emergence of India has been one of the most crucial developments in Asia and the world. Despite its increasing relevance as a security actor regionally and globally, there is limited understanding on India’s security outlook and its determinants. As the world’s largest democracy with an emerging economy, and the second-largest military force globally, it becomes imperative to understand India’s external security outlook and policy. This paper adopts the concentric circle approach to provide an overview of India’s external security outlook and policies. It expands on India’s security imperatives and outlook in the immediate neighborhood (the first circle), the extended neighborhood (second circle), and at the global level (third circle). Within each region, New Delhi’s security approach is informed by specific objectives and challenges, which are duly examined in the paper. You can access the complete paper below:

Original Source: Journal of Intelligence, Propaganda and Security Studies (JIPSS), Vol.13, No.2/2019 Published by ACIPSS.

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