Russia-Ukraine War: Military Modernization and Operational Challenges for India

It has been over two months since the Russia-Ukraine War began, and the conflict shows little signs of slowing. Beyond the immediate devastation of the war, the fighting in Europe has once again highlighted the strategic dilemma of foreign dependence for military preparedness. The ongoing strategic and diplomatic conundrum faced by Indian decision-makers perhaps best illustrates this case. This also in part explains the Indian government’s relatively muted criticism of Russian actions and India’s abstention from all United Nations votes condemning Moscow.

For Indian military modernization, the ongoing crisis has short- and long-term implications. Immediately pivoting away from Russia will considerably impact India’s near-term military preparedness vis-à-vis Pakistan and China, especially as the ongoing border standoff with China continues. Despite the necessity of Russian military equipment in the near-term, the war is also likely to add further incentives for a gradual shift away from Russia, focus on indigenization, and increasing military cooperation with the West.

To read the complete article, visit the original source Russia-Ukraine War: Military Modernization and Operational Challenges for India, South Asian Voices

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